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Chillin' at the Florida Cannabis Festival

Hey fellow freedom lovers! I hope you're all having an awesome day. I had the pleasure of hanging out at the Florida Cannabis Festival last week, and it was a blast! But it wasn't just about good times; it was also about spreading the message of liberty and freedom. [Read More]

Join Josh Hlavka and Mike ter Maat for a Virtual Town Hall Meeting, November 9, 2023!

Are you ready to dive into the world of Florida politics with Josh Hlavka, the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida and Florida House candidate? If so, you're in luck! We are excited to invite you to a virtual town hall meeting happening tonight, November 9th, at 7:00 PM. [Read More]


Josh Hlavka Announces Candidacy for Florida House of Representatives District 105 as a Libertarian

In a bold step that signals a transformative shift in the political atmosphere of southern Broward County, Hallandale Beach resident Josh Hlavka has officially declared his run for the Florida House of Representatives, seeking to represent District 105 on the Libertarian ticket. [Read More]


Josh Hlavka On The Issues

As your Libertarian candidate for the Florida House, I am dedicated to advocating for policies that promote individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, and a more prosperous Sunshine State for District 105. [Read More]