Josh Hlavka is a dedicated father and husband, currently residing in Hallandale Beach, Florida. A proud alumnus of Hofstra University, Josh earned a BA in Liberal Arts. His extensive career spans over a dozen years in customer service and management, with experience in both the retail and transportation sectors.

In March of 2016, drawn by the prospect of a more affordable lifestyle and superior job advancement opportunities, Josh relocated to Florida. By August of 2022, he settled in Hallandale Beach, where he has since immersed himself in the community, living and working primarily in District 105.

Since joining the Libertarian Party in 2010, Josh has assumed various leadership roles. He currently holds the position of Precinct Rep on his County LP Executive Committee and serves as the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida. Additionally, Josh contributes at the national level as the interim chair for the Libertarian Party Credentials Committee. Beyond his political endeavors, Josh has served on and advised multiple non-profit boards, championing causes like fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, and property rights.

A steadfast advocate for freedom, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty, Josh is committed to defending not only the rights of District 105 residents but also those of Floridians statewide. Outside of his advocacy efforts, he revels in the joys of the Sunshine State – from attending live professional sports events and family beach outings to exploring Florida's natural wonders.