Josh Hlavka Announces Candidacy for Florida House of Representatives District 105 as a Libertarian

In a bold step that signals a transformative shift in the political atmosphere of southern Broward County, Hallandale Beach resident Josh Hlavka has officially declared his run for the Florida House of Representatives, seeking to represent District 105 on the Libertarian ticket.

A stalwart proponent for principles of freedom, fiscal prudence, and individual liberties, Hlavka's entry into electoral politics stems from his profound belief that District 105's constituents deserve more diversified political representation. Central to his campaign platform is an ambitious blueprint aimed at tax alleviation, expansion of school choice options, and a substantial reduction in property insurance costs. With an environmentally conscious vision, Hlavka is ardently pushing for the abolition of the gas tax, coupled with a genuine commitment to engage in productive bipartisan conversations.

Having spent significant years in customer service and management sectors in the heart of District 105, Hlavka possesses an intimate understanding of the nuanced challenges and aspirations of his community. "This campaign is not just about a seat in the House; it's about giving a voice to the people of District 105 and ensuring that the spirit of liberty, fiscal responsibility, and individual rights resonate throughout the state legislature," states Hlavka.

With this candidacy, Josh Hlavka not only aims to robustly champion the interests of District 105 but also endeavors to infuse the state legislature with a rejuvenated Libertarian perspective. The campaign beckons all Floridians to rally behind a vision of a freer, more prosperous state.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Josh Hlavka, please contact the Campaign.