Welcome to the heart of our campaign—dedicated to championing principles that empower individuals and promote a brighter future for the Sunshine State. Here are the key issues I am committed to addressing:

  1. Ending the State Gas Tax 

    • Floridians deserve financial relief. I will tirelessly advocate for ending the state gas tax, putting money back in your pocket, and fostering economic growth by reducing the burden on hardworking individuals and businesses.
  2. Eliminating Taxpayer Funds from Partisan Primaries 

    • Your money, your voice. I will work diligently to end taxpayer funding for partisan primaries, ensuring that public resources are used responsibly and not promoting more tax-payer supported partisanship in Florida.
  3. Bringing Recreational Cannabis to Florida 

    • It's time for individual choice and economic opportunity. I will push for the legalization of recreational cannabis, fostering a open market concept that benefits consumers, entrepreneurs, and our state's economy.
  4. Passing "Defend The Guard" Legislation 

    • Our National Guard should defend our Constitution. I am a strong advocate for passing "Defend The Guard" legislation, ensuring that our state's National Guard is deployed judiciously and in line with constitutional principles.
  5. Lowering the State Budget and Reducing Government Spending 

    • Responsible governance starts with fiscal discipline. I will tirelessly work to lower the state budget and reduce government spending, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are used efficiently and effectively.
  6. Fighting to Lower Property Taxes for Florida Residents 

    • Home-ownership should be a source of pride, not burden. I will fight to lower property taxes, promoting affordability and providing relief to Florida residents.

Join me in this journey to build a freer, fairer, and more prosperous Florida. Let's embrace liberty, responsible governance, and a future that works for everyone. 🌞🗽